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Olympic Climbing Venue/ World Cup Climbing Competition

I recently dug up some old Lego and decided to build something with it. With climbing beeing part of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and me beeing a big fan of the sport, i thought it would be a good Idea to try to build a climbing competion wall.

With no recent experience with Lego it took me quite some time to make this Projekt work. Trying to find a way to get these strange angels that modern comp walls have was probably the hardest thing to figure out, but seeing everything finally work as planned was quite redeeming and well worth the effort. 

The most fun I had while building was the "routesetting". I tried to replicate what i knew from the gym, finding positions where I could place the finifigures and making adjustment, until the minifigures i placed in the wall where able to stay there and look like they are actually climbing.

I know that this build lacks any polish or details, but thats the best i could do. And to be honest I'm surprised with how well it turned out :)

What do you think?

Ps: I didn't have any female minfigures. Thats why there are no female climbers in the pictures.

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