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Lego Turbo Engine


Im 45 and a true blue Aussie. In 2014 I bought a new car, I am not sure what brand of car it is but it has a great engine. This is a Lego model of the engine in my car. The electric Lego gearbox turns the flywheel, crank/piston/rods, timing belt and turbo. Concealing the gearing that spins the turbo was difficult and not melting/fabricating any Lego parts was the biggest challenge. The flexible hose between the turbo and the air intake muffler is stressed at a tight bend and some of the electrical hoses were either too long or just short, thus the ecu box is too forward and same for the solenoid on the starter motor. The inlet manifold isnt great and has compromised the position of no. 3 and 4 injectors however it is mounted firmly which was required to support turbo piping and air box. The rubber engine mounts (Lego tyres), bell housing, battery/fuse box, a/c compressor, alternator, starter, intercooler, etc caused no big problems and I got lucky with the ability to remove the head. I worked really hard on this project and im glad to see the great people at Lego Ideas liked it.

Working Lego Turbo 6 Cylinder Engine    

Moving Pistons, Belts and spinning Turbo

100% standard ( unmodified ) Lego

Length           170 mm

Width             120mm

Height            190mm

Weight           320g

Build pieces   650 + 

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