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Stargate Atlantis - Stargate And Puddle Jumper!


Stargate SG-1 Update

While I'm proud of the Atlantean gate and jumper, the SG-1 version of the gate is much more iconic. I was able to build a small Stargate Command (SGC) playset, including ramp, ladder, and power conduits. One can also remove the attached event horizon and extend the ramp through the gate - or alter the backside to reflect the Atlantean gate.

The puddle jumper normally fits through the gate, though the ramp needs to be lowered and the railings removed to allow passage in this configuration.

In the Stargate movie and the SG-1 TV show - the SGC is a converted missile silo holding the stargate and acts as the base of operations for all adventures through the gate. It is here that Doctor Daniel Jackson decodes the gate's activation sequence and unlocks humanity's path to the stars, leading also to encounters with offworld colonies of humans and various aliens both friendly and unfriendly. The primary visual difference between the movie and SG-1 is the color of the chevrons - the show had illuminated red chevrons (seen here) while the movie had stone gray, though I find the red much more visually interesting.

The glyphs on the ring are straight from the movie/show although the spacing needs to be reworked - having to spread 39 glyphs over 18 tiles isn't easy. Might be better to have 3 tiles of three glyphs and the 15 tiles of two glyphs for a more even spread.

As you can see, the chevrons can be rearranged to simulate being "engaged" in the dialing process. Using a solid red tile to simulate it being illuminated.

And the signature team - Teal'c (with staff weapon), Carter (with science equipment), and either O'Neill/Mitchell or Jackson/Quinn depending on preference. Our daring team, ready to step through the gate on adventures bold!

Publicity shot:

The Anubis Guard figures would work perfectly for Ra's minions, seen here brandishing their Staff Weapons.

I hope you enjoy this update!

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