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Suit of Armor


The real build is completed!

Today I wrapped up my journey to build the Suit of Armor in real life.
I am really excited about how it turned out!


The build is in progress!

I've started the build, and so far it is going great!
Here's a preview (just the legs, and they aren't finished just yet)


Building the suit of armor in real life!

Hello all! Since this is a digital build it is important for me to put it to the test - and build it in real life! I am starting that journey this weekend and hope to have a completed Suit of Armor built by Christmas.

Of course I may have to make some tweaks here and there, not every piece I need is available in the color I need it currently, but I am confident I can work around that :) Stay tuned to follow my journey - most of which will be posted on my instagram account (@legofarmfarm)

I've created my first draft of instructions, now I just have to try and follow them to see how it goes! Here's a sneak peek inside...


New edit coming soon!

Hey everyone! The 30 day mark is upon us and I have some new pictures planned for the Suit of Armor. After spending the past month tightening up the design further (working on instructions) and finalizing a new shield design I am ready to post! Unfortunately I have to wait for the official 30 day mark to do so :)
In the meantime, here is a peek at a few of the new pics coming soon...

I made some small changes to the back (upper shoulder area). Let me know what you think!


And of course, the new shield...

Thanks so much to those that have supported this project! I really believe in this one, so any help you have to offer in spreading the word is always super appreciated!


1000 Supporters!!

Amazing! Another big milestone crossed! Here are some images of what this suit of armor could look like with different colors (but always shiny!)

What if it had gold accents?

Here's a final pic of the original with the new shield:


Another shield design!

As promised - here is another potential design for the shield. Stay tuned, if this gets to 1000 I have an updated "black knight" color scheme.


100 Supporters!!

Super exciting to hit 100 supporters this quickly! Thank you all so much! I am going to experiment with some different designs for the shield. I am purposely staying away from anything recognizable to avoid any sort of licensing conflicts. As time goes by I hope to post more potential shield designs. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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