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Suit of Armor


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Introducing my newest product idea - A Lego Suit of Armor!

Note: Some of the pictures included are of the real build, some are of the digital version. You may see some slight variations in the base between the two due to part availability.

This suit of armor is based on a traditional medieval knight's armor from the 16th century. It stands approximately 47 cm (18.5 inches) tall from the bottom of the base to the tip of the helm. Yes, it is big, to be as impressive as possible on display. The exterior facing pieces are a shiny metallic silver, however a light bluish gray is used wherever possible in exposed/semi exposed areas to minimize the need for metallic colored bricks (and hopefully help reduce the cost of production). The interior is made up of bricks in different colors where possible to make it easier to follow the instructions. Since this was originally a digital build, stability was a major concern, and so I designed it with various technic elements in the interior to help hold things together in a stable fashion. Axles, connectors, and pins can be found in most junctions. While this makes motion very limited, I felt stability was more important. Because I wanted to guarantee its stability and prove that it could work as a real life set I went on a journey to gather the pieces necessary to build a real life version. I have to tell you, I am very glad I did, and I am so happy with how it turned out!

The suit is made up of 1,775 pieces and comes with one minifigure - a LEGO knight, of course. There are 8 custom printed tiles that make up the visor and 1 printed 2x6 tile for the plate on the base (all created in photoshop and part designer).

When this idea popped into my head, I immediately knew I had to give it a try. The design was incredibly challenging but totally worth it. The real life build was both rewarding and fun. I think this would make a unique and very popular addition to the LEGO ideas line - the medieval/castle theme is beloved, and LEGO has never produced anything like this before. It would be a unique set under a very popular theme and a great display. In addition to that, it fits well with other display sets under the primary LEGO product line that span several themes (such as character builds/busts of various third-party IPs). This would be a technical and challenging build (trust me, I know) but well worth the reward once on display.

While us AFOLs always make time for play when we can, we get plenty of satisfaction in just having our favorite sets on display in a prominent place in our home. They are conversation starters, they identify us as the adult fans of LEGO that we are. We ask for these sets for birthdays and holidays, and even eagerly buy our favorites ourselves the day they get released. But this set isn't just for adults. I am sure many TFOLs would love to have a suit of armor displayed in their room!

I have such a clear vision for this product - I think Lego could make this idea into something incredible.

If you are a castle or medieval fan and would love to have a genuine LEGO suit of armor on display in your home, then please click the support button and share with your friends and family!


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