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The Forbidden City, Beijing, China - 紫禁城 - 故宫


Water Updates

Working from some really helpful feedback I have updated the water bricks to transparent blue plates on a grey baseplate, rather then the previous solid blue plates. This gives a more natural look to the water, and also offers a better contrast of the rivers flowing through the forbidden palace and under the key bridges.


Specific Halls, Palaces and Gates Included in the Build

I have been asked which specific gates, palaces and halls are included in the build, for reference and with English Translations, these are the:

  • Meridian Gate
  • Gate of Supreme Harmony
  • Hall of Supreme Harmony
  • Hall of Preserved Harmony
  • Hall of Heavenly Purity
  • Gate of Divine Prowess
  • Hall of Military Prowess
  • West Flowery Gate
  • Garden of Benevolence Peace
  • Palace of Benevolence Peace
  • Palace of Longevity and Peace
  • Hall of Braveness and Splendor
  • Shyfang Lodge
  • Hall of Literary Glory
  • East Flowery Gate
  • Southern Three Halls (Princes' Studies)
  • Nine Dragon Screen
  • Gate of Imperial Supremacy
  • Hall of Imperial Supremacy
  • Hall of Character Cultivation
  • North Five Halls
  • Palace of Eternal Harmony
  • Hall of Ancestory Worship
  • Hall of Honesty and Respect


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