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Working Chairlift With Slope


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I’m glad to present you my working Lego fixed grip chairlift. It can carry your minifigures up the mountain so they can ride down using the slope next to the lift. This project include decorations, like some trees and rocks, but also a waiting line, ski pass check system, and some other details.

This project was made to help your minifigures have their dream winter holiday and bring some ski in their life, while making it easy to climb the mountain.

Quick description of the system :

  • The chairlift is powered by a Power Function M motor
  • It has 6 chairs, each carrying 2 minifigures safely thanks to the safety bar
  • The lift is composed of 2 supports, a top and bottom station
  • The top station is powering the cable, and the bottom one is adjusting the tension of the cable
  • The chairlift also has a slope, but be carful not to crash into the trees !

I tried to make this chairlift as playable as possible.

My dream has always been to combine my two passions : lego and ropeways. That is why I made this chairlift, so people like me can have fun watching it run endlessly, and play with its. I think it makes a good decoration if you like skiing and snow.

This version is the most relyable I have made so far and I am pretty proud of how it works. It is an improvement of my previous version which was too small an had no decoration.

I made a presentation video where I show it working :

The whole is very sturdy which help for a good reliability. I designed it so it is easy to install the cable : it is made of two parts that can slide in each other and are connected by two linear actuator, so it can adapt to different length of cable. There are also shock absorbers that help regulate the tension in the bottom station. I show all of this in my presentation video.

The chairlift is made of almost 3000 parts.

If you like this project and find any interest in it, feel free to support it !

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