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We designed a Biology set that can be used in schools to teach STEM or it can be a cool gift for science enthusiasts.
The set includes the Plant cell, the Animal cell and the Prokaryote. 
The main goal of this project is to help children in the age 4 - 14 to understand the fundamentals of Histology. Schools, Museums and Labs could use these models to teach STEM, Science and Biology. The idea is to offer a mnemonic building process and the color scheme has been designed with the same purpose.
Or if you know about science, this set can be the the perfect gift for you or for your friends to be displayed at home or in the office.

We are always looking for suggestions to make this model more accurate or easy to use. Please leave a comment with your idea on what can be improved.
If you could also share this project on your social medias or network of people we would be very grateful.
Thank you all!


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