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NASA SLS & Orion


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The SLS is a powerful rocket that will replace the space shuttle fleet that come to an end,
 can put in orbit a capsule called Orion, consists of 3 stages and
Can carry a capsule to the moon. Orion is a capsule similar to that of Apollo,
Can carry 6 or 4 team members and make long trips.

The project contains:
1.- the SLS (it separates in all its stages, it measures 1.03
Meters and contains a mini version of the orio)
2.- A mini SLS with a launching tower
3.-A base of the exhibition

I did it because after the Apollo that landed on the moon our next target is Mars
And the SLS is the rocket that will put humans in the direction of Mars.

It would be a good product because manned spaceflight flights

They are popular and better than having a rocket to scale.


A number of products are not proposed

It is not based on the idea of Apollo 11 Saturn-V

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