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This Lego project is a good-sized starter kit proposed for the Other LEGO Serious Play - LSP - Method. In Other LSP Method - Open Source companies, ideals and processes, what can be illustrated, demonstrated through metaphors rather than allegorical as they are representative, and may be represented by facsimile models of companies, of course.

The difference from the Other LSP Method - Open Source - Methodology  to the Official LEGO Serious Play Methodology is that the Other LSP Method - Open Source -Methodology applies more to small and medium enterprises, and the LEGO Serious Play is more geared towards larger companies, large companies supported by an official LEGO accredited facilitator. In Other LSP Method - Open Source - facilitators are understood as intermediaries (or enforcing agents) of the process of creating this dynamic (they only need to have prior knowledge of this type of the Other LSP Method methodology, administration and business accounting).

Also considering the weight of accounting, with each LEGO block representing either a value, value added or capital valuesof the company. That is, the LEGO blocks in Other LSP Method also have to do with the EVA, the Social Balance, the Equity, the products or services for sale, the fixed assets, the investments and the equipment of the company ... and the people, of course. In theory, everything there is, accounting in the Inc.

In The Other LSP Method, every employee of the company who will participate in the company must create their vision of the company and / or tell a story, give an idea, make a criticism etc. using this same LEGO representation of the company. In addition there is a surprise element, the "Lady in Red" or Women in Red, characters representing traps and corruption that could exists (or that the employee perceives) within the firm.

Therefore, this Game is also a dynamic of Other LSP Method, which proposes an alternative and open-source approach to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. In addition, exploring the already established applications of LEGO Serious Play – Open Source with regard to the self-knowledge of the team and construction or interpretation of the company's image, about strategic management decision-making etc.

Knowing your firm – Starter Set Kit; The Other LSP Method (Open-Source) is a dynamic (a session) for 4 to 9 people (plus an applicator/mediator agent of dynamics). It is recommended to use this Kit in a real company, with the company's actual employees, who will create a metaphor, a representation of the company. Where as a result, expects all participants leave the dynamic session with a better vision of the company, of himself and his co-workers, besides having much more good work to put into practice, which will arise from the ideas and insights that form obtained throughout that dynamic.

 This LEGO project idea while it is a complete scenario, it is also a dynamic of the Open Source methodology, from Other LSP.

This set contains more than five large constructions, including the factory by company or the production line; the store together with the housing of a managing director of the company; the bridge that also makes the link between all three trays. The transparent and ecological version (sustainable and compliance) of the same company; and more.

In fact, in the dynamics of Other Lego Serious Play (open-source) "Knowing Your Company", what happens is that two divisions are been represented in the same company. Where, on a plateau, the company is been represented in two blocks: one, is the factory (or production line) that is where it produces what the company negotiates, that is, the largest shed, all in leaked elements. In addition, the second construction also representing the same view of the company, on this same plateau, is the company's store, having still on the 2nd floor, housing a house of one of the owners / directors of the Inc.

This more conventional or more common and more common vision of the company, has, at the level in the production shed, portrayed the hierarchical levels of the company where you have: 1) at a lower elevation, the operational level – which is understood as factory floor or the parts of direct contact with the public. 2) Already at the intermediate level of soil, there is the representation of the tactical/technical level, which is composed of staff of a more specific training. 3) And finally, the higher floor exists the representation of the management hierarchical level or the board, which also knows as the strategic level.

The second vision of the same company already has a more transparent approach, accessibility, sustainability of the company; where, on another board (plateau) the same company is been represented, so that it is made all in glass (transparency). Moreover, where you do not have the hierarchical level elements contained in the company's first vision, on the contrary, there is a level, in circular format, represented by the yellow plateau within the transparent company. In addition, there are elements of sustainability and accessibility elements etc.

In addition, as, it is a LEGO project idea of Other LSP also the dynamics of the technique of applying the methodology of connectors or connections (commonly known as TA4 or TA5). In this scenario is being represented, these connections, through antennas and currents, which connect from Factory1 to the Market; and Factory2, also connecting it with Factory1. In addition, in the marketing project of this idea, various connectors are got foreseen, to make other connections between the elements present in this scenario.

Moreover, to the company its particularities, there are other representations of internal and external elements of the company in this LEGO Idea project. It has the Square / Park / Market, which is nothing more than a container representation with several staircases; also with marquees, benches, poles and plants. It symbolizes in the other Lego Serious Play methodology the relations between markets, companies and competitors. The container with the marquee has the symbolism of the means of transport, linked to the company. This means, among other things, sales by e-commerce, where the company makes sale and dispatches its product through transportation.

These considerations about representation, the metaphors of the company and the markets, finally, about the ideas of the company's employees about the business entity are just a few points. Since this methodology and this Starter Kit, they present numerous other possibilities. Among them the temptation of Lady In red, which can be used as jokers, which employees have to try the ideas of other employees. It can be used (Lady In Red) only once by each employee, and after hearing the vision story of someone else's company, then if you make a temptation, a seduction, or even a attempted corruption, hypothetically raising suspicion about something that is not yet axes within the company. Remembering that this application this LEGO Idea is exclusive to certain employees of the company, and with science (and endorsement, logical) of the owner of the same.

Finally, the bridge in addition to making the important function of uniting the three trays, it symbolizes connections, the bridges even that has to be has built: the crossings, the paths, the double-handed routes, which take place in trades, in business, in companies. To end, the bridge has this completely symbolic issue, besides being a higher floor, which allows you to check everything, from a look higher, symbolizing the very people who are participating in the dynamics, who are having a more panoramic and broader view of the whole question.

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