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Top Gear Reliant Robin Space Shuttle


This is the Reliant Robin converted in Space Shuttle for the Series 9 of BBC Top Gear Tv Show.

It contains all you need for your space adventures:

- Reliant Robin converted in Shuttle Orbiter (165 pieces)

- External Tank (189 pieces)

- Two boosters for launch (27 pieces each)

- Launch platform (119 pieces)

- Top Gear Space Technology Centre (103 pieces)

- TV hosts of the show of season 9 + telescope + Spaceman cousin of Stig! (66 pieces)

So we have a total of 680 bricks.

The original spaceship was destroyed in a crash... for this lego version I imagined a good end of mission.

If you love cars, spaceships and Top Gear, please help me to reach 10000 subscriptions!

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