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StackerZ - Stackable minifigure display cases.

UPDATE 17/03/12 I have tweaked the design now and I believe that this design uses the least amount of parts and gives maximum visibility. Ive replaced the panels that were on the side and used larger windows. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR MORE PICTURES.

StackerZ - Individual minifigure display boxes that you can stack together!

Minifigures are huge right now and there are not many options to display them. Lego do a display case but its not very versatile and you either have to fill the spaces up or it looks empty. I have come up with a concept idea called 'Stackerz'. The aim was to have an individual case for each minifigure but have the option to stack them all together giving you a larger display. Each case is large enough to fit a minifigure and an accessory. It will fit the collection series too including the taller minifigs. I tried the Series 6 Spartan inside as he is the tallest with his extra long spear and he fits fine.

With a space inside of 4x4 studs but there is more room as I have used panels so you almost get 6x6 studs. Each Stacker has pins on the side so you can snap them together and you can also stack them on top of each other too. The beauty about the whole thing is you can stack them any way you like and with the use of the CornerZ you can make some great minifg displays.

The above picture are the StackerZ
The Stackerz could be sold singularly or maybe multiples.

The StackerZ could come in a range of colours to reflect the most popular themes.
Reddish brown/tan could be used for forest/desert/ cowboy.......
Dark gray/light Gray could be star wars, city, castle, space.......
Dark blue/ light blue could be aquazone, sponge bob, pirate....
White could be Arctic. I also used this colour because its clean looking and could be used under any theme but more focused towards minifigure series.
The possibilities are endless.

The picture above is the CornerZ. I show examples of Star Wars, underwater and a workman digging a hole. As you can see there is enough room to display the figure and some scenic parts, basically you can create anything!

In the picture above I have shown you how the StackerZ could look with some Star Wars Minifigures. The two corners I have used a Stormtrooper standing guard and an Ewok guarding the forest.

Another picture of a few more figs including sleepyhead with his teddy getting ready for bed.

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