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Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge


Detail Update:

In this update, I have added:

  • Four silver globes on each tower, next to the red lights
  • Two siver globes on each end of the bridge with decorative parts under them
  • One grey shield on each end of the bridge
  • A foot bridge running parallel to the tracks

Thank you all so much for supporting! Be sure to share this with a friend!



100 Supporters!

Thank you so much, to all of you who have supported my Lego design of the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge!  Thanks to you, I have met my first goal of getting 100 supporters in just the first week!  The next goal is to get 1,000 supporters within 12 months.  Each vote counts, because in the end, I will need 10,000 supporters!  Please continue sharing and supporting my design.  Thank you so much!



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