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Lego Magic Kit


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Do you like magic? Do you like magic? Do you want me to stop asking questions and get to the point? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Lego Magic Kit is for you! As a magician, I love watching people get into the art. But, I feel that many magic kits today are not allowing the user to completely understand the magic. With Lego Magic Kit, you get to build all of the props, allowing you to see exactly how they work! The set itself comes with 8 different effects you can build and perform, as well as a magic wand. There's the mindreading box, the vanishing dollar, the coin stand, the multiplying coins, the swindler's box, the paintbrush box, the hotrod, and the appearing block! Once you build and learn the tricks, you can make your own improvements to them, or even build your own magic trick. The set really allows you to customize your props to fit your style. Use the whole kit for a magic show, or just pick your favorite effect. So support the Lego Magic Kit and make this project a magical success!

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