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Spooky's Tavern


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Welcome to Mr. Spooky's Tavern! After moving into his Pumpkin Cottage, Mr. Spooky has decided to build a brand new Tavern to bring all the scary creatures of the town together!

This is a two-level building, with a bar, dining area, and fireplace lounge on the bottom level; as well as a small bedroom, and cozy corner on the top level!

Some of the spooky monsters you can find visiting the Tavern include:
  • Mr. Spooky
  • The Ghostly Waiter
  • "One-Eye" Ethan
  • Count Vlad
  • "Zara" the Zombie
  • "Boris" the Werewolf
  • Mr. & Mrs. Spinestein
  • The "Juniper" Sisters

If you want to visit Spooky's Tavern as well, be sure to support the project, and share it with all your spooky friends!

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