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Spooky Hollow: Pumpkin Cottage


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At a Spooky Hollow, deep inside the Sleep Oak Woods, lives a small happy family, in a cozy pumpkin cottage... This giant pumpkin rests right next to a smaller pumpkin patch, protected by a fierce scarecrow! The inside has been hollowed out, to fit a small comfortable couch, a dining table filled with delicious foods, and an old-style bookshelf by a toasty fireplace!

This huge model comes in at just under 3000 pieces, and measures at 1.5ft Wide, 1.3ft Deep, and 9in High!
The lid of the pumpkin rests on jumper plates, which allows for easy removal, to access the interior!

Some of the details include:
  • Large, blue-leafed, "Sleep Oak" tree
  • Small pumpkin patch with a scarecrow, and crows
  • Wooden picket fence around the front lawn
  • Dark green roofing, and a lively stone chimney
  • Stone path winding through the dark purple "Fron Bushes," and purple perennials

The spooky fall seasons is upon us, and this pumpkin cottage could make a perfect table-top decoration to complete the fall look in your house, or to be displayed all year long!
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