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Grumman LLV Mail Truck


Why this should be a lego set:

This should be a Lego set for so many reasons. First, I have never seen a replica of a Grumman mail truck before. This set will be a very unique set because it is bases off of the American mail truck. Second, it is very sturdy and strong. It is meant for people of all ages to play with and is hard too break. Finally, The over all look is different, it actually looks like a real mail truck. People will want it when they see it at the store, just because it looks cool.


I got the inspiration to build the mail truck because the truck works hard everyday to bring us our mail and online packages. I thought it should get some credit. This model is built after the American Grumman LLV, which will be replaced soon with a newer model. Too honor this truck since it was first built in 1987. There should be a Lego model built to Honor this Iconic peice of American History.


The model has two small doors on front, and one large one that opens up at the back. The top is easy to romove to put or take out "cargo". Plus, it would come with  a Lego Minifugure, a dolly, a wrench, coffie cup, and envelopes.

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