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The Tale of the Sword


The Tale of the Sword

In the land of Camelot, beyond the dark woods, lies the sword in the stone, the mythical Excalibur. Although many knights have tried to draw it out, the sword waits for the rightful king to draw it out.

Beyond the ruins of a castle, the great legendary wizard Merlin has built his home. Outside, the house includes a shop where Merlin sells potions but, under a hidden trap, we can reach his home. On the roof, Merlin has a comfy chair with a telescope to gaze at the stars at night. Downstairs, we can find the living room, a bedroom, and a fireplace. The house is decorated with artifacts from Merlin’s previous adventures, such as the crown of the future king of Camelot.

Morgan Le Fay, a dangerous witch and Merlin’s rival, schemes with her hired soldiers how to steal Excalibur. At the base of the ruins, we can find the skeletons of those who tried over the years… and failed.

It is up to Arthur, a farm boy with a heart of gold, to try and draw out the sword thanks to Merlin’s teachings and counsel… But will he succeed?

About the build

This set was inspired by both the tale of Camelot and King Arthur as well as the Lego Castle theme.

The main characteristic of the MOC is that it is built on two levels that can be fully removed and separated. It was built as a compact set with playability for all ages. Every brick was placed with a specific purpose to showcase the ruins on the outside with the woods surrounding it. Inside, the house was decorated with little details such as the library, certain creatures, a magic carpet, a cauldron… and more!

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