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Dream House and Humming Bird

This is my dream house! It's on another planet and it rests on an island in the crater lake of a dormant volcano. I live here with my wife and daughter. 
Also there's a space ship called the Humming Bird Civ10 so my family and I can travel when we want to.

Ground Floor: Kitchen, porch, laundry, barbecue area
2nd Floor: Balcony, toilet, band room, entertainment area
3rd Floor: Balcony, master bedroom, bathroom
4th Floor: Rooftop vege garden, small bedroom
5th Floor: Balcony lookout
Top Floor: Observatory dome

The Humming Bird has a rear access ramp and also opens at each side for play access.

This is a big set. 2982 pieces, very close to the limit for Lego Ideas. 

I like building islands and space ships and I wanted to do a set that had both.
I hope you like it!

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