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Working on an earlier model (the Dash 8) I came up with some ideas of what I would like an LEGO airport to be. It must be look the part and be playable at the same time, it must contain the parts we most associate with an airport, it should be fun to build and it definitely should look the part. Now LEGO city contains quite a lot of plane sets, so I have tried to keep the model sized around what would work with these and added in my take at a commuter plane, an airport should have aircraft.

Now, about the model: The airport itself, held in stylish white and glass, the roof can easily removed allowing play. The set contains an entrance area behind a revolving door with a baggage drop off machine, on through the security arch (one minifig as officer) and into the waiting area where our minifigs (one grown up, one child) can enjoy a cup of cofee from the vending machine while the ground staff (one minifig) use the trolley to break as much baggage as possible. High above the hubbub of it all resides the ever vigilant controller (one minifig) in his tower. On the plate holding the tower you'll also find a bus stop and a parking lot as well as the outer parts of the baggage handling system. The commuter plane waiting for disembarkment is a twin motored turboprop model which I'm quite proud of; with a swing-out door for the cabin, reclining seats, a levelheaded pilot, two passengers (three minifigs), large baggage rom in the tail, neatly modelled engines. All in all eight minifigs and a total of 781 bricks. It is modelled in LEGO digital designer.

Enjoy the pictures and tell me in the comments what you think!

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