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Fortress of Hunyadi


It was a defining period of my childhood, when the pirate lego sets appeared. Thes become my favourite immediately, besides the Classic Castle and Classic Space themes. This love I still have for pirates and soldiers. And so comes, that I made my new project: The Fortress of Hunyadi.

In this imaginary world Hungary becomes a sea lordship. That is why it was also his job to curb the activities of pirates. The Fortress of Hunyadi is built up by this occasion, so the peace can be maintained in the areas that have already been recaptured.

The Fortress is a modular construction according to its era, thus facilitating playability.

What you can find in the Fortress:
  • Barracks
  • Stable
  • Warehouse / treasure chamber
  • Jail
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Secret door (opens from the kitchen)
  • Officers accommodation
  • 8 minifigures (commander, sergeant, 4 soldiers, cook, prisoner)

  • Consisting of 2987 pcs (with minifigs)
  • Studs: width 48; length 113; height 35
  • Width: 38,4 cm / 15,1 inches
  • Length: 90,6 cm / 35,7 inches
  • Height: 28,2 cm / 11,1 inches

This small hungarian fortress reminds you of the classic pirate theme, but in a modern packaging. I was trying to make it more interesting with a lot of details taking into consideration the piece number limit. I think that the Barracuda Bay has already proved that there is a need for the "Pirate" themes, and there is a great demand for this kind of sets. That is why I think that with the set a collector could be satisfied, or even a kid too, who would like to play with it.

Thank you for your support!
Bring back “Pirates”!!!