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Fortress of Hunyadi


One of the defining moments of my childhood was the advent of Lego pirate sets. They became my instant favourite, alternating between Classic Castle and Classic Space themes. I still have that love for pirates and soldiers to this day. And it is in this spirit that I created my new project, Fortress Hunyadi.

In this imaginary world, Hungary has become a maritime power, and so, it has been given the task of curbing piracy. To this end, the Hunyadi Fortress has been built to maintain peace in the areas that have already been recaptured.

The fortress, conforming its age, is of modular construction, making it easy to play with.

These can be found in the fortress:
• Barracks
• Stables
• Storeroom/Treasure Chamber
• Dungeon
• Dining room
• Kitchen
• Secret door (opens from kitchen)
• Officer's quarters
• 8 minifigures (commander, sergeant, 4 privates, cook, prisoner)

This little Hungarian fortress evokes the classic pirate theme in a more modern form. I added a lot of detail in order to enhance the set as much as the element count limitation allowed. I think that Barracuda Bay has already proven that the "Pirates" theme is needed and there is a great demand for such sets. That's why I think this set would satisfy a collector or even a kid who wants to play with it.

Thank you for your support!
Bring back “Pirates”!!!

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