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Saunders-Roe (SRN-4) Mountbatten Class Hovercraft


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I have built a Saunders-Roe (SRN-4) Mountbatten Class Hovercraft. I have a fairly large passion for everything aviation related. Although this is not technically an aircraft, it still has the characteristics of one.

I think it would make a good miniature set because it has a base that will make the rest of the model stand out on a shelf or desk. It is not very big, thus it only has 265 parts in the whole set. I used the part designer to make the Saunders-Roe Ltd sticker on the sloped piece, but all the rest are common parts.

I would love to see this made into a LEGO Miniature set. It is my dream to be part of the many that have contributed to the LEGO catalogue of amazing sets.

WTWeekly (Kynan)

(Let me know if you would like more images).

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