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Lego Observatory - Mountain View


As requested a suggestion of the Team

Hello again,

I also couldn't sleep this night and as a request I made some changes of the Team.

Its only a suggestion, but I hope it is OK.

The Team already started a Party and I will do it on my weekend.

I wish you a great perfect friday and an awesome Weekend.



Thank you so much

Dear Supporters and Lego Ideas Fans,

thank you for believing in me and my Observatory - Mountain View.

I never ever thought that it could ever reach 1K or even 5K.

But now its only 107 to 10K.

I only can say: wow.

Thank you so much

Now, I go to sleep.

Good night


Maybe the last Update: Vehicles of/for the Observatory

Dear Supporters and Observatory Fans,

as questioned yesterday to add a Vehicle/Jeep/Pickup I show you my suggestion.

I created two kinds of vehicles which could be added to the Observatory.

It's only a suggestion:



Additional Update: fewer parts and a question

Hello Observatory Fans,

just because it is close to 10K (what I never thought) I made an update with a lower parts count.
I removed the 1x1 bricks inside the Observatory and outside the dome.
So it ended up at approx. 2500 Parts.

I don't know if the changes have to be made before it reaches 10K,
but I still hope if it gets approved Lego could keep all the details.

They have such genius Lego designers, much better than me, who know
every brickpart by name. And for them it would me much easier
to create a round smooth cool looking dome and a great Observatory.

These renderings are just Quick Renders with no decals.
I just made it yesterday night because I'm so excited and couldn't sleep.


And my question is:
What do you think, should I or Lego add a Jeep/Pickup to this Set?
(Doors and the bonnet with a observatory decal)

Thank you so much for suppoting my Idea and I really really hope
that this Observatory will/could be realized.

You are awesome
Everything is AWESOME


Have you seen that guy ? I need your support

I think you all have seen the mess that this guy did.

Here you can see him:

And now my "Crime Investigation Team" and Columbo will take

a look at the mess to check what happened.

Maybe you can help and Support my Columbo Set aka DaMumbo

and/or my Investigation Team fo find out the truth.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Lego City - Investigation Team, Laboratory and Van

DaMumbo and his Peugeot 403 Cabriolet (Columbo)



The alternate dome and the red lights

Hello Lego Fans, Supporters and everybody else,

as I just said on a reply: It's very hard to find the words that could say what I'm feeling.

It's so exciting, awesome, crazy, cool...

And thats why I keep on building und updating my builds, just for you to say: Thank you!

And here you can see my suggestion of the dome and the red lights:


Ooops, he did it again!

I wish you a great funny day.

The Science Club made a visit to the observatory and one guy

touched only one brick and made a little mess.

See..what happened:

Thank you for your suggestions...

PS: If you haven't seen my "Science Club" Projects...please take look. Thanks.


Rounder Dome Suggestion

Hi and thank you for all your suggestions.

I've tried to create the dome a little bit rounder without to much edges.

It is very very tricky but how do think about this "beta" Version:



Any suggestions for a last update or updates?

Dear Lego, Astro and Science Fans,

do you have any suggestions for a last update?

Or do you like it that way?

Its still amazing, crazy, unbelievable, terrific, awesome and legendary for me

which I never never ever dreamed about... 

This Project was my biggest heart thing and I still thank you so much.

So, what do you think?

Which detail should I add?




Only 500 to 10K. I can't believe it!

First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Thank you for supporting my Observatory and bring it to 9500 so fast.

I still can't believe it that one of my projects earned so much support.

From the deepest part of my heart: Thank YOU!

And here an update to bring more details to the front.

The "Green Shield" could be printed with a famous head!?

What do you think?


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