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Lego Observatory - Mountain View


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Hello and welcome to my next project.

Lego Observatory - Mountain View

Just because I love the Stars and you like my NASA Lunar Rover and also my
first Lego Observatory I spend the last two month with my new Observatory.

I created a complete new design including a new slide for the dome.

The Observatory would have one telescope within the dome
and one very small one on the viewing platform

The dome would be openable and turnable.

The building would be also openable.

Within the building there you can find:
- an Office / Desk
- a Library with books and goodies
- a small lecture room with large windows and a beamer
- and so on (search the details ;o)  )

Within the dome:
- computers
- a telescope
- IMPORTANT: a coffee machine

Outside the Observatory I placed some plants and stones.

The Observatory would also contain some minifigures
Male and Female Observers
Visitors (a Family and some friends)

So now its up to you and help me and this project.

Hope you like it too.

I also had never seen a Observatory like this before.

Please leave a comment what you like are not.
Help to improve this project.

Thank you so much

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