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The Smithy


Hi, this is GondorSoldier, and I'd like to share with you my new project: The Smithy.

It is kind of a larger build, and consits of a blacksmith's house, forge, and some of the surrounding terrain. The house, though lacking detail on the interior, has a lot on the exterior. It is built in 3 layers. #1: A stone foundation made of mostly gray bricks and studs. #2: Criss-crossing wooden beams that hold up the white and tan plaster in between them. #3: Two slanted black-colored plates with tan and red peices spaced around to represent weathering. It comes with 3 minifigures: The blacksmith, his apprentice, and a soldier walking up the road towards the shop, probably to buy a new bow or something. It also comes with a dog, to bark at the customers.

I think The Smithy would make a good Lego set because blacksmiths are awesome, and when something is awesome, you make an awesome-er Lego version. It also looks good displayed on a shelf or somewhere in the house. I know because that's just what it's been doing for the past month.

Thanks for reading and please support!


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