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The Castle of Brickwood Forest


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The Castle of Brickwood Forest

Hello brick lovers from around the world,

I'm very happy to present to you my latest creation.
It's a castle inspired by my previous project but it's much bigger.

This build has exactly 3000 parts and it comes with 8 minifigures :
A king, a knight, 2 soldiers, a queen, a princess, and 2 forestmen.

The Castle can be opened with hinges on both sides , a floor can be removed for better access, and the roof and be opened with hinges to give access to the king's chamber.

Inside the Castle

  • a detailed kitchen,
  • a throne room,
  • a door that can be lifted up with a chain
  • a prison,
  • some room for storage to hold on during a siege,
  • an escape door at the back.
  • 2 round towers, one of then has a spiral staircase.
  • a house build in on the wall,
  • a weaponry,
  • a bedroom at the top floor with a balcony.
  • a hidden cave with a treasure chest.

Building techniques
The round tower that opens with hinges was by far the most challenging part. The lower hinges had to be placed upside down because of the bracket parts I used. Each individual section of the tower goes from 4 to 3 back to 4 studs wide.
I can already say the technique does work, I've tested it in my brick build version.

* * * Check for more in the update section, my brick built version is on its way ! * * *

If you like my idea, please support and share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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