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Nature Based Bowling Alley Game


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If you've been around LEGO Ideas recently, you may see that there is a BIG bowling alley project. I have to admit, kudos to its creator! Anyway, this is a bit of an alternative idea which would be more on the cheap side instead of being expensive and more about play instead of display. And guess what? You can display them separately OR together! The reason I built it is because bowling is my favorite part of the game "Wii Sports." It's also a bowling alley with a bit of a visual twist, for the visuals are more based on campsites or nature materials, like rocks or wood, per se. I actually had previous potential ideas for LEGO Bowling/Arcade Game sets. But I either didn't understand how to export renders, didn't have an idea of images, or didn't know my way around the website. All that's about change!

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