Product Idea

Corner Doughnut Shop

Deck the Streets


With the main street decked with festive lighting, a shop patron carries a box of fresh donuts to his car.  This update places the building next to the Fire Brigade and Town Hall modular buildings to showcase its integration into our Lego city.

Merry Christmas!

Final Touches


A ventilation system was added to the roof including an air conditioning unit and a chimney.  Another bench was added to the front of the shop adjacent to the door.  A tall tree rests on the side walk providing shade to the busy street.


Now with Extra Sprinkles!


What better way to call out your business than with a colorful sign above the door?  Using an array of 1x1 round plates as sprinkles to grab the attention of passer-bys, we feel it gives an added dimension to the building!

A Second Floor Facelift


A little bit more height was added to better match the roof line of the other modular buildings.  The windows were decorated with a new pattern above each arch while a line of black was added above that to provide more contrast to the exterior.

Curb Appeal


A mail box was added below the residential entrance. Two flower pots add a splash of color next to the red bench. The bench seat was upgraded with a 1 x 6 plate for easier minifig placement. A lamp post now "lights" the newly re-tiled corner.