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Modular Ice Cream Parlor


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What do you get when you combine LEGO Modular, your daughter's Duplo and some Power Functions elements? A Modular Ice Cream Parlor!

I always liked to mix different breeds of LEGO in a single creation. Modulars are great, but none of them includes motorization, there are no working lights to be seen as well. That's why I decided to do my own.

This modular features motorized Duplo Ice Cream advert at the top of the Ice Cream Parlor, which is highly detailed with seating available inside and outside as well. It has different kinds of ice cream available and lemonade is sold there too. Right on the left of it is the owner's apartment with a staircase, storage room for bicycle and actual apartment on the first floor. There are lights provided for Ice Cream Parlor, the apartment and the entrance of the staircase.

Between the ground floor and the apartment is the heart of this modular: the Power Function module. It contains all the mechanisms, motor, battery box and lights. The use of switches enables you to control the lights and Ice Cream advert separately.

To see it all in action please watch this short video:

You can see there, that you can operate this Modular by means of red ice cream :) that lets you turn the modular on and off, change the speed and intensity of lights, turn the lights on/off and turn the ad on/off.

All the lights go simultaneously on and off, you can't control them separately. This would mean much more switches for this build and it's quite dense in there as it is.

The total part count is not much for a modular - it's about 1500-1600.

I hope you enjoy it and vote :) Thank you!

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