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Blacktron 2 Reaper


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Spoken about only in whispers this 3 man attack craft is the predator of the solar system. Nearly impossible to detect on scanners and armed to the teeth the Reaper is known to make surprise attacks, jumping in and out before its target even knows it's there. 

No one entirely knows how Blacktron managed to build such an advanced craft, but recent redacted files leaked from the Space Police record that during the devastation of M-Gamma, an M-Tron outpost in the far reaches that was wiped out during a supernova, a squadron of Blacktron craft had jumped in just as the sun was exploding and somehow jumped away with an entire starship factory. The factory was never recovered, but a few years later reports started coming in of un-detectable vessels easily disabling Galaxy Explorers and stealing their cargo.

-- This was a fun build for me I had some blacktron-green canopies and parts in my spares that have been sitting waiting to be used for a long time, and not owning any Blacktron really other than the GWP i thought it was time I built something that did justice to the original space bad guys! I love how this ship has come out, it looks mean and the colour combo of black/white/trans-green for Blacktron really makes it stand out!

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