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Cargo Bike - Bakfiets (Dutch) - Ladcykel (Danish)


Cargo bike (English), Bakfiets (Dutch), Ladcykel (Danish) – these are all names for the same type of practical bicycle that is massively popular in the Netherlands and Denmark. Young families frequently use these bikes to get their children to school or to transport goods. Recently, the popularity of cargo bikes increased exponentially in other countries whose climate and topography permit their use.

With an affordable 157 standard parts, this is a fine LEGO Technic Set for starters that playfully teaches some of LEGO Technic’s fundamentals: the use and interplay of liftarms/beams, connectors, panels, pins, gears, and chains.

Finally, as the vast majority of Bakfiets riders happen to be female, this technically sophisticated and familiar means of transport purposely encourages future female engineers to add Technic to their LEGO portfolios, serves as a springboard to design more complex Technic machinery, and incites builders to unfold their full natural potential in STEM.

Please support this nifty LEGO Technic build. Much love from the Netherlands!

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