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What if you can travel to parallel worlds, the same year, the same earth in only different dimensions 
My friends and I found the gateway, now the problem is finding the way back home!
Sliders final cut 16.pngSliders final cut 12.pngSliders final cut 5.pngSliders final cut 7.png
Here is my new project based on Sliders.
This science fiction series from the 90s shaped my youth.
I wanted to retrace the adventures of our sliding friends through four parallel worlds: The little Genie's laboratory, the world of Ice, the world of dinosaurs and the sea world.
I created 4 different, detachable modules so that you can follow the original story or create your own. I added fetish accessories such as the timer or Rembrandt Brown's Cadillac.
The project has 3000 pieces in total.
I hope that this new idea will rekindle the flames of nostalgia and give other generations the desire to discover this little gem of science fiction.....
I hope that the presentation of my project appealed to you and that I can count on your vote so that one day we might be able to see this project become a reality.
I have other projects currently available on lego ideas, do not hesitate to take a look on my personal page, vote and follow me :)
Bell Ch-146 Canadian Search and Rescue Edition:

Thanks for giving me some of your time!

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