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We Can Be Heroes


We Can Be Heroes: Trouble on the Tram UPDATE

Make your way to the Alien Pyramid with the New Heroics Tram!


This update includes a plethora of awesome upgrades and additions including:

  • The Heroics Tram!
  • Updated Accessories!
  • More Figures!
  • Updated Figure Designs!

Noodles to the rescue! Use his long arms to break through the windows to guide the tram to safety! Make sure to hold onto one of the bars on the inside of the tram! "Let's break some eggs!"

There's room for 8+ figures. There is also Room for Wheels' and his MEGA Wheelchair!

Side view of The Heroics Tram

​​​​​​​Roof, Interior, and Underside view of the tram! It is packed with great details and train wheels for hours of fun!

Even more figures and detail!

Names of the figures above [From left to right]: Ojo, Wild Card, Face Maker, Slo-Mo

Names of the figures above [From left to right]: Sharkboy, Lavagirl, Ms. Granada


@lyondanielsofficial "Dude you [Maison Gamble] should totally make the tram scene that would be epic!"


{ In order for this set to be considered into production, we need 10,000 supporters; so please support! }


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