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We Can Be Heroes


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With a LEGO set of Heroics, the world can play teamwork again and again.

Have you ever wished to have Lava Powers, Super Speed, or other Amazing Abilities?

With this set, those wishes are all possible!

But what are you going to do with those powers?

This set includes:
  • Heroics Tram which can fit over 7+ Figures!
  • 3 Buildable Doodle Monsters
  • Technic Alien Tentacle Creature with Movable Arms
  • Pyramid Build with Iconic Pieces from the Movie
  • Buildable Heroics Logo with Stand

You can do all sorts of things such as:
  • Attach Noodles from outside of the tram to guide the vehicle and save the day!
  • Fight off the 3 Doodle Monsters! Oh no! The Aliens have spawned the Doodle Monsters! It's up to you and the other heroics to defeat them!
  • Takedown the Alien-Tentacle-Monsters! These creatures will stop at anything that tries to get in the way! Are you up for the challenge?!
  • Use your super intelligence to make your way into the Alien Pyramid before it's too late! The countdown has already begun!

Includes Figures:
  • 4 Children of the Heroics
  • 3 Heroics
  • 1 Pearlescent Shark ( Guppy's Shark )

What's great about this set is that it is both playable, and displayable. Once you've finished playing with it, you can store some of the items inside of the pyramid and set up the builds for your next adventure! 

This set will not be "just a dream" if you support this set today!

{ In order for this set to be considered into production, we need 10,000 supporters; so please support! }

Are you super passionate about this set and want it to hit 10,000 supporters? Share with friends and family on any social media platform with the hashtag #LEGOxWeCanBeHeroes and #LEGOWeCanBeHeroes!

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