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One-man Rover


This is a small project that is supposed to coincide with my most recent project, the One-man Space Craft, which I posted ten days ago. I built this project yesterday, and I call it the One-man Rover.

The One-man Rover is 94 pieces. This set includes, a parcially translucent boulder, and the rover itself. Also, a Jangbricks minifigure is included with a hand-blaster and a wrench. Did I say Jangbricks? I should've said a rover-driver minifigure is included with this set. He would've done the same thing as I just did. :-)

In the back of the rover is a crane which can lift space boulders to get to the space lab. There are snaps on the sides of the vehicle to hold the hand-blaster and the wrench. In the lower-front of the rover, there is a decorative scanner to search for mysterious space elements. Finally, this vehicle can go on rough terrain, for each pair of wheels is on a pivet that enables that function.

Thank you all for viewing and supporting this project! By the way, should I build a space lab for this little series? I won't call that project "One-man Space Lab," because there needs to be more than one person running the thing. However, I might do something else "One-man" related, such as a "One-man defense turret."

If something in this project needs to be edited, taken away, or added, please let me know in the comments. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 5/23/2018

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