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One-man Space Craft


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This LEGO Ideas project is something that I came up with on the spot. It was inspired by Jangbricks, who does LEGO set review videos and other stuff. Also, it was inspired by sci-fi and space-related movies.

The One-man Space Craft LEGO project is 469 pieces. This set includes, a ladder unit on wheels, an extra weapons unit on wheels, and, of course, the space craft itself. Also, there is a pilot minifigure included to fly the space craft. He has a hand-blaster for self-defense and a wrench in case he has to fix something broken on the space craft.

On the space craft, there are two spring-loaded missiles in the front, hidden in the nose area. Those can be triggered by two buttons, which are located in front of the windscreen. There are two conical parts in the nose area to provide emphasis for the missiles.

Just behind the cab of the space craft, there is a turret that can fire two more spring-loaded missiles. On each of the wings, there is a stud-shooter for each. There are fake cannons below them to provide emphasis. Because all of the elements that shoot from the space craft can easily be lost, that is why the extra weapons unit on wheels was added to this project. There are four extra studs, and two extra spring-loaded missiles.

Thank you all for your support! If you think something needs improvement, please let me know in the comments section. Happy Mother's Day, and you all have a good day! ~cheesy 5/13/2018

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