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The Chalybeate Spring - The Pantiles - Royal Tunbridge Wells

In 1606, as iron-rich waters beneath the soil, bubbled up to the surface in a beautiful corner of South East England, they were spotted by a passing nobleman, Dudley Lord North. So began the history of Royal Tunbridge Wells' Chalybeate Spring and the famous colonnaded street that adjoins the spring - The Pantiles. Throughout its long history The Pantiles and The Chalybeate Spring have drawn many visitors to the town, including Queen Victoria and other royalty. The town was given its Royal prefix in 1909 by Edward VII in recognition of its historic connections to the monarchy.  

This build celebrates over 400 years of the unique and historical significance of The Chalybeate Spring. It features the frontage that was built around the spring, in its heyday, at the end of the 19th Century and which can still be seen today. The attractive colonnaded frontage gives access to Dippers Hall (where, in the past, bathers could bathe in the restorative waters). Staff, affectionately called "Dippers", used to offer a taste of the waters from the orange, iron oxide, stained wellheads. Dippers would ladle the water carefully into glasses for passers-by to drink. Four minifigures complete the scene; a couple samples the waters served by a "Dipper", whilst a businessman heads to work after having already drunk his refreshing draft from The Chalybeate Spring! 

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the model.

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