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Norwegian Airlines 737-800



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New full cabin interior + re-adjustments of tail and wings

New cabin:
New wings:
New tail:
Cool picture:

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New Pictures + more pictures + ground service vehicles

Ground Vehicles:




Interior! New fuselage, and more...


  • re-done fuselage, the old fuselage was too round, the 737 has a more oval shape and so the fuselage has been heightened slightly
  • lowered wings, the old wings were originally just below the middle of the fuselage however that is way too high up in reality, so now the wing are as low as they can go and still fit the landing gear
  • redone tail section-just more stable and room for future updates

New Features:

  • Interior! There is now an interior in partial segments in the front and middle of the plane, with space in the back for a third interior area in the future.
  • Removable sections, though this was a feature in the original I forgot to mention it, but the model it separable in three sections (nose, middle(wings), tail)
  • custom stand, and ucs-style info sticker (the plane can still stand alone on its retractable landing gear), the stand angles the plane to bank slightly right and allows a good visibility of the info sticker.

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