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Norwegian Airlines 737-800


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This is my LEGO Boeing 737-800. This model has the same look, scale, functions, and strength to be able to be used as a model, a playset, or as both. I did this because I believe that the best plane is one that looks and works like the real thing but that is also small and strong enough to act like the real thing, swoosh it around, landing and taking off is all possible, as well as catering, loading cargo and boarding passengers.

That is why I am proud to present my 51:1 or micro fig scale,~1900 piece Lego 737-800 in the Norwegian airlines livery,


  • Opening doors in the front and back on both sides

  • Extendable & retractable landing gear

  • Functioning inner and outer extendable flaps

  • Rear And forward Cargo doors

  • Realistically shaped and scaled, wings, tail, engines, fuselage & nose

  • Forward and Middle Interior sections

  • Custom stand with UCS-style Info plate

I think airplanes such as the 737-800 are one of the greatest machines in the world, and I hope to have captured some of that greatness in this model.

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