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Hotel Finish

Dear friends,

I want to invite you and your minifigures to visit the Hotel Finish.

The hotel is decorated with a facade full of graffiti,
it is very varied and variable.

There is an ATM on the street from the back of the hotel.

But now, everyone, come inside.

On the ground floor of the hotel you will find the reception.
Here on the table is the necessary computer for booking visits and a telephone.
Next to the chair on the wall you will find an old clock and a cabinet with room keys.
We do not use chip cards here yet.
You can borrow newspapers to read at the entrance.
There is also a small cafe on the ground floor where you can have a good coffee or dessert.
Here you can sit in comfortable chairs.
There is also a playroom for adult guests.
Here you can play chess, cards or darts.
At the same time, you can listen to music from the hi-fi radio.

You can choose from two rooms for accommodation.

Both rooms have a separate bathroom and toilet.
Hot water flows reliably.

In the room on the first floor you will find two beds and other comfortable furniture.
You can also watch TV here
or play a game on a game console.

A wide bed is available in the room on the second floor,
and other comfortable furniture.

The rooms are full of decorations and have balconies overlooking the city streets.

The inspiration for building the hotel was an unnamed hotel in Berlin.

The facade is variable and
printed or glued tiles from my collection were used.

The building can be completely opened or closed.

Dimensions of the building
closed 30.5cm x 19cm x 30.5cm 
opened 61cm x 8.5cm x 30.5cm.

Opening the hotel building will make all rooms available for play.

If you like the hotel, don't forget to house your minifigures here.

I look forward to your visit

and thank you for your support of this project.

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