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Chemistry Set

1) Your model (what it is).
This is a traditional style chemistry set. This set is perfect for science lovers, students, chemistry professors, kids, and more! Additional pieces could be added as well as other scientific instruments. This set includes three different-style beakers and flasks, a tube connector, four test tubes, a test tube rack, and several colors of solutions to mix and match!

2) Why I built it.
I built this set because I am passionate about chemistry and LEGO sets. I was looking for something to display in my office, and I couldn't quite find the right set, so I made one myself!

3) Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set.
This set would be the perfect addition to the LEGO community because it is fun for all ages and interactive. This set could be played with or displayed and have additional sets and pieces.
Please support me and let me know your thoughts! Thank you so, so much.

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