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Settler's Frontier Cabin


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The Settler's Frontier Cabin, is designed to show a different side of the various western themes and lines that LEGO has sold in the past. This build focuses more on the settlers who moved west in hopes of finding new and better land where they could build a home and begin a new life.

My goal for this project was to design a one room frontier log cabin similar to the log cabins that settlers would build as they headed west across North America, while still maintaining playability. As much detail as possible was included, keeling the goal of playability in mind. This build includes frontier family (frontiersman, frontier woman, son, daughter, and infant child), brown bear, water well, firewood, frontier tomahawk/ax, tree and stump, cooking pot and pan, turkey drumsticks, table and chair, wood box, fireplace, rifles, bed with patchwork quilt, infant cradle, and loft with ladder. The roof, rear wall, and loft come out so you can see and play inside.

Suggestions and comments are welcome. Although I cannot guarantee that I will implement every suggestion, I will give them all serious consideration.

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