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City of Montreal


I built up my previous submission of the Montreal cityscape, looks much better when looking at photos of the actual set.  This is my intrepretation on noteworthy Montreal buildings, from left to right the Olympic Stadium, 1 Place Ville Marie, Sun Life Building, 1250 Rene-Levesque, and Habitat 67.

The Olympic Stadium was built for the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal, and is locally known as the "Big O".  It features the world's tallest inclinded tower (541ft.), supporting the roof with wires. Pink Floyd drew the largest crowd with a record 78,322 in attendance for a concert in 1977.

1 Place Ville Marie was built (1958-1962) for the Royal Bank of Canada to serve as its headquarters.  It is a 47 storey office building (32 elevators) with a floor area of 1 million sq. ft., and is the 4th tallest (617ft.) building in Montreal.  It is one of 4 buildings in the office and shopping complex in the heart of downtown Montreal, with indoor access to subway and train stations and to the "Underground City".

The Sun LIfe Building was completed in 1931 and boasted the most square footage of any building in the British Empire at the time.  Located at Dorchester Square it is 400ft tall with 24 storeys and 25 elevators.

1250 Rene-Levesque, formerly the IBM-Marathon Tower features 47 stories and with the antena is 743ft. high.  The design is based on the 51 storey Westend Tower in Frankfurt, Germany.  The over 1 million square feet of office space are served by 28 elevators, and was completed in 1992.

Habitat 67 was designed by Moshe Safdie for the Montreal Expo (World Fair) of 1967.  It is one of the most recognizable buildings along the Montreal waterfront.  Its 354 identical prefabricated units are arranged in various combinations up to 12 storeys high to form 158 apartments, with a private terrace for each apartment.

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