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LEGO Brompton

Among the lots of definitions about creativity, the one I like most is "Finding a simple, but an effective solution, which was not considered before, to a problem or for a need". Like Mr. Andrew Ritchie, the inventor of the Brompton folding bikes, did! I would like to appreciate his design, which is a masterpiece of engineering, by trying to make it from LEGO which these days, we're hardly riding our bikes.

Brompton folding bikes are unique with the special folding mechanism. As an example while folding the bike;
1) Release the rear frame clip (which I designed using an existing set gun) and raise the bike allowing the rear wheel to swing under the frame.
2) Unscrew the hinge clamp on the main frame.
3) Grip the handlebar support.
4) Using a stirring action to move the front wheel backwards and hook onto the frame
5) Undo the lever allowing the saddle to drop down (I try to design this by taking out the axle bar and fixing the saddle again which I solved by combining a special part from an old Ninjago Set.
6) Undo the hinge clamp and let the handlebars drop into position (I try to design this feature as real as possible to lock the saddle by gravity).
7) Rotate the crank so the right-hand pedal touches the front wheel.
8-) Press the pedal latch and fold the pedal over.

I also tried to equip this special bike with the pump link to the rear frame and also with a screwdriver demonstrating the toolkit hidden inside the main frame of the bike. You can also see how cool it is to carry a bag with the special frame system in the front! 

There are lots of fans of the Brompton folding bikes all around the world. Everybody will run to buy this set including me after making some revisions like thinner the wheels :-)

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