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Modular Building – The Post Office

I built a Post Office as a modular building. In most of the modular buildings are postboxes, but where is the Post Office? Here it is!

Now I will describe my modular building.


In the middle, at the ground floor, there is the entrance. Next to the entrance is a postbox to send letters. On the left side of the front is a rambler rose growing.

At the first floor you can read “POST”. Above this word is a Mini Figure Trophy, maybe as a patron.

Over the first floor is the garret with a tower.


At the back you can see the back entrance of the Post Office and the stairs to the apartment.

You can also see a little flowerbed where nice flowers are growing.

Inside – the ground floor:

At the ground floor there is the Post Office. There are two counter windows, waiting seats, post-office boxes and a rack for postcards. The rack is turn able.

Inside – the first floor:

At the first floor there is an apartment, maybe the apartment of the Minifigures which engaged at the Parisian Restaurant (10243) and married in the Town Hall (10224).

The apartment consists of a bedroom, a little bathroom and a combination of living room and kitchen.

For the bedroom I created 2 new printings for a “2-by-2 flat tile”, which are pictures from the marriage of the two Minifigures. The bedroom has also a colorful wall consisting of yellow, red and two kinds of blue bricks. On the other side, where the living room is, the wall is white.

In the living room there is a fireside.

The kitchenet consists of a sink, a stove and a cupboard in which the kitchen utensils can be stored. The Minifigures prefer to prepare fried eggs.

From the apartment the Minifigures can get up to the garret. Under this stair is a wall cupboard.

Inside – the garret:

It is a typical garret where are things which no one needs, but there are still with you.

Inside the tower is a cupboard with a radio. Maybe one of the Minifigures will listen there to the radio or uses the garret as am party room. - Who knows what the Minifigures are doing when they are unobserved ;-)


  • The Post Office Manager
  • The Letter Carrier
  • Two Postal Workers
  • A Mother with a baby buggy and of course a Baby
  • Some Clients: A women, a little girl with a cat, a man and a man with a dog
  • The women which lives in the apartment with her husband, the Post Office Manager


I hope you are enjoying my Post Office and give me a support!

Sincerely Sabine

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