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Wreck It Ralph - Nicelanders tower


Hi Everyone

This is my new build based around one of the many tower blocks Ralph wrecks in the game of Wreck it Ralph.

My design has taken inspiration from the original film and game to promote the fun of building and wrecking only to build back up again!

I didn’t want this to just be another modular building so added in some retro arcade builds to it as well. Which forms part of the broken lift shaft at the back of the building.

There is 4 floors and the Venellope von Schweetz’ Car that was made from sweet by Ralph himself.

Floor 1 is a split into 3 parts 1 being the walk way to what would be the lift, if it wasn’t broken. The 2nd room is a work shop used by Felix and although he has his magic golden hammer for fixing the building back up I’m sure in his spare time he likes to get you creative the old school way. The 3rd room is some living quarters with breaking news on the TV showing the devastating wreckage that Ralph is causing only 4 stories up!

Floor 2 is focusing on an arcade theme. With the Wreck it Ralph film being based on arcade fun I thought it would be good to add the arcade inside the tower block. It has all the expected, The Claw, Basketball, Dance off and of course the main game from the film Sugar Rush.

Floor 3 is the party floor and is based around the 30th anniversary party that the Nicelanders held for Felix, it includes the dancing Nicelanders, ice statue of Felix, DJ and drinks area. Maybe this is why Ralph has gone on his rampage?

Floor 4 is the a mess! Total devastation! Ralph has focused all his devastation to this floor but where will he go next!!!!

I’ve included 6 figures 5 mini and one larger. We have Felix, Vanellope, 3 of the Nicelanders and of course Ralph! Ralph is currently based around the Hulk figure so some of the details will need to be updated for the final model but sticking to the guidelines of only using current brinks this is why he might not look as expected….he’s had a good work out and a change in hair styles. Even Ralph is trying to keep up with todays styles 😊

Please enjoy and support!

If you have any questions please add a comment and share this project where you can! You can catch me on Instagram at Built_with_lego for more updated on this and other projects!


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