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Small Aircraft With Tug

This is creation of a small propellered aircraft with a pushback tug. Lego does not have many sets of planes and other aviation related vehicles, so with this build, Lego would appeal to many aviation enthusiasts around the world.

The airplane is small, and is able to fit one passenger (pilot), along with a small area behind the pilot for luggage or cargo. The plane has red and green navigation lights on the wing, as well as yellow lights to illuminate the runway or the taxiway during night time.

The pushback tug has room for one operator, and has an orange warning light on the side. With the use of a connecting bar, the tug is able to connect itself to the plane, to push the plane back from the airport stand to get ready to taxi to the runway. This connector piece is able to be positioned on the front or the back of the tug.

This set contains:
  • 1 airplane
  • 1 pushback tug
  • 2 minifigures (pilot and worker)

The creation has 174 pieces.

If you like this idea, a support would be greatly appreciated! :)

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