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Mr. Roger's Neighborhood


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Based on Fred Roger's legendary children's show, I present to you my latest Idea: Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!

Mr. Roger's house is chock-full of fun little details!  From the bench where Mr. Roger's changed into his sneakers, to the famous Trolley, I think I've just about covered all the decorations and items the show has to offer.  Please, if you have any more suggestions for items you want to see in the house, feel free to tell me in your comments!

Speedy Delivery!  I've also included a minifigure for probably the most famous recurring character on the show, Mr. McFeely!  The Delivery man frequently visited Mr. Roger's house with packages, so I felt that I ought to work him into the project.

We also have King Friday's castle from the Land of Make Believe.  Wrapping around the castle are Trolley's tracks that transport him from the Land of Make Believe back to Mr. Roger's house. 

But let's not forget about some of Mr. Roger's puppets! 

I nearly forgot to add these, but thankfully I remembered to include micro-scale puppets of King Friday, Queen Saturday, and Prince Tuesday (who surprisingly looks like a tiny Frodo Baggins)!

The estimated piece count is around 800 bricks, but I could probably find a way to knock that down a couple hundred...

I'd love to hear what people think about this!  Hopefully, my Idea will appeal to inner child in all of us and by some miracle, end up on the shelves of LEGO stores all over the world!

A big thanks in advance for your gracious support!  Don't forgot to follow the project as well (it only takes one extra "click")!


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