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Theodoric's Mausoleum


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My last work is a Lego reproduction of the Mausoleum built for Theodoric, the Ostrogothic king who ruled over Italy and Dalmatia from 493 to 526 AD. The Mausoleum stands in Ravenna and is considered one the the most interesting and best preserved monuments from the Roman-Barbarian Age in Italy.

The build consists on approximately 1200 bricks and looks acceptably faithful to the original, yet I had to deviate from the real thing in a couple of parts. The real monument's plan is decagonal whilst I had to make it octagonal otherwise the set size would be excessive and the model would not fit a 32x32 baseplate. There are eight radial spikes on the roof whilst the real monument has twelve, and they are proportionally smaller.

The roof can be removed to show the indoors, with the balcony on the upper floor and the sarcophagus room below. In that way I tried to add some playability to a set whose main purpose is decorative and educational.

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