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I built it!

So I finally got 99.9% of the parts i needed (just missing the front railing) so I decided to build it! It's currently on display at my local toy retailer in Grimsby Ontario! This should give a better sense of the size of the boat and the shark! 


Over 500 votes in 2 days! What a birthday gift! Thank you so much!

This was a dream project for me that almost never made it because Lego was not accepting Jaws themed sets when I was working on this design. Luckily for me, that changed recently and I was able to submit this and share it with the world. 

The project has only been up for 48 hours but so far we have gathered over 500 votes and this weekend is my birthday so I am so excited to see this project get some love! Thank you all for voting and commenting and please keep sharing so this can be come a real Lego set!

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